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Outdoor activity

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Trapping requires proper preparation in the field, as well as a follow-up of sets which leads to this activity being practiced all year round. Trapping allows the trapper to be outdoors throughout all seasons. It is a great opportunity to experience a privileged connection with the environment.

An active lifestyle

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From pre-season preparation to the preparation of pelts, including the monitoring of traps, the trapper’s activities involve a lot of physical activity, which helps him stay in shape all year round!

Family activity

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What is better than spending an entire day outdoors with your family sharing your passion for nature? Practicing trapping with your family is an ideal occasion to share your knowledge as well as introduce the activity to youngsters and that, at a very young age.


Follow up readings


By practicing their activities on the same areas over several years, sometimes even several generations, trappers are often the first to notify authorities when changes to the environment lead to the destruction of habitats or threats to wildlife populations. Humans are responsible for significant modifications to nature...

Management and protection